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The only correct solution for your websites


SuperCookies can be deployed on any type of the website. Whether it is a static presentation or a complex CMS.

Detailed statistics

Despite all restrictions under GDPR, we are able to provide our customers with detailed traffic statistics within the limits of the law.

Easy implementation

All you need to do is register on our portal, where you will obtain a code to embed on your website.

Scalable and customisable

SuperCookies offers several tiers of its features and services, including color changes and custom text editing.

Legislatively correct

With SuperCookies, you don't have to worry about being fined. We've taken care of all the legislation for you.


SuperCookies work when you browse the web on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.


SuperCookies are available in the basic version in Czech and English, and in the extended version in any language.

Always up to date

Editing of texts and settings is done through the web interface. You can be sure that everything on your website is always up to date.


Data is stored on secure, geographically separated servers within the EU in full compliance with the GDPR.

Adjustable and customisable

Language selection

The basic version of SuperCookies is in Czech and English. In higher versions it is possible to set more languages.


In the settings you can choose the location of the bar - in the middle, bottom or top.


Color design

In higher versions it is possible to adjust the colour of buttons and other elements of SuperCookies.

Editing texts

If necessary, you can edit the preset texts yourself.

Offer of variations


CZK / year
  • *Number of sites: 1
  • Max. number of URL: 100
  • Localization: CZ | EN

  • Themes selection: NO
  • Custom texts: NO
  • Analytics: NO


CZK / year (59 EUR)
  • *Number of sites: 3
  • Max. number of URL:  NO
  • Localization: CZ | EN and others
  • Themes selection: NO
  • Custom texts: YES
  • Analytics: NO


CZK / year (119 EUR)
  • *Number of sites: 10
  • Max. number of URL: NO
  • Localization: CZ | EN and others
  • Themes selection: YES
  • Custom texts: YES
  • Analytics: YES

* Number of sites registered per user/company. If you are interested in registering a larger number of websites, please contact us for an individual quotation.

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